Contact for a full list of resources that you can use to help you get started in hosting your own WOD for Water. 

Neverthirst will provide you with items that are great tools you can utilize to get your people excited about being a part of something so big! You can use these resources on your website and/or social media sites to get people involved and participating in bringing clean water to those around the world.

Neverthirst will provide:
  • High-quality Next Level brand "WOD for Water" T-shirts for each paying participant
  • Up to 10 Posters that you can hang in your facility or around the area that announce event details
  • Mail postcards to your members inviting them to participate in your WOD for Water campaign
  • If possible, a Neverthirst representative will come share with your clients about Neverthirst and how participating in a WOD for Water is helping change lives around the world.

Start your campaign today, and join us in putting an end to the worldwide water crisis!


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